Grounding electrodes

Grounding electrodes are required for neurophysiological examinations to eliminate 50Hz interference. The grounding tape consists of conductive, flexible silicon tape with a velvet finish and a velcro  fastening. The copper models may be use for long-term derivations, e.g. in the sleep laboratory. The grounding tape is attached to a push-button via a highly flexible lead.
The grounding electrode must be placed as near to the pick-up electrode as possible, or between the stimulus and pick-up electrode. The inner contact side is moistened with water or a saline solution and fastened with the velcro tape prior to use.

Order No.





3332001Grounding tape for children200mm12mm
3332501Grounding tape250mm20mm
3333501Grounding tape350mm20mm
3334501Grounding tape450mm20mm
3337001Grounding tape700mm20mm
3332511Copper grounding tape250mm20mm
3333511Copper grounding tape350mm20mm
3334511Copper grounding tape450mm20mm
3337011Copper grounding tape700mm20mm
1451151Grounding cable with safety connector1500mm 
50431-00220Disposable grounding electrode with safety connector 40x50mm1000mm 
50431-00320Disposable grounding electrode with safety connector 40x50mm2000mm 

The grounding cables are easy to pull off the electrode using the strap on the push-button.