Sensitive loop electrode

This sensitive loop electrode is suitable for deriving sensitive evoking potentials on fingers and toes as well as for transcutaneous stimulation of sensitive nerve endings. It consists of a pair of plug-in, highly flexible and easily adjustable loop electrodes made of stainless spring steel. The active electrode (anode) has a black lead cable and the reference electrode (cathode) has a red lead cable.

Order No.




3312222Spare loops, 2.60mmØ  70mm
3312202Wire loop electrode 0.70mmØ  70mm
3310031Connection cable for loop electrode 1200mm
1452202Wire loop electrode 0.70mm with safety connector200mm
1451332Connection cable for loop electrode with two-way safety connector (for cable 145412 and 145414)   200mm
1454141Universal electrode cable, 5-pin DIN connector, 240°1500mm