Push-Button cables with safety connector

The push-button cables fit for all common disposable clamp electrodes with 4mm push-button.





1605311Cable in red500mm
1605411Cable in red1000mm
1605111Cable in red1500mm
1605211Cable in red2000mm
1605321Cable in brown500mm
1605421Cable in brown1000mm
1605121Cable in brown1500mm
1605221Cable in brown2000mm
1605301Cable in brown3000mm
1605331Cable in green500mm
1605431Cable in green1000mm
1605131Cable in green1500mm
1605231Cable in green2000mm
1605341Cable in black500mm
1605441Cable in black1000mm
1605141Cable in black1500mm
1605241Cable in black2000mm
1605351Cable in white500mm
1605451Cable in white1000mm
1605151Cable in white1500mm
1605251Cable in white2000mm
1605361Cable in blue500mm
1605461Cable in blue1000mm
1605161Cable in blue1500mm
1605261Cable in blue2000mm
1605371Cable in yellow500mm
1605471Cable in yellow1000mm
1605171Cable in yellow1500mm
1605271Cable in yellow2000mm
1605005Electrode clip for push-button with 4mm jack (connection cable e.g. 160403) 
1605042Push-button cable with safety connector, cable colour: red and black (for 145414 and 145412)200mm
1605053Push-button cable with safety connector, cable colour: red, black and green (for 145414)200mm
3302601Connection cable with 2 push-buttons and 5-pin DIN connector 240°1200mm